1. What is the activity of the company?
Domestic and international transport and forwarding.

2. What kind of trucks does the company own?
There are 6 tautliner trucks and 4 jumbo trucks.

3. Are the trucks equipped with GPS?
Yes, all of our own trucks are equipped with GPS satelite system

4. What kind of goods do the company carry?
Beyond the normal commercial goods, we undertake frozen, ADR and oversize transports.

5.What are the main buyers of the company?
Motim Műkorund Kft.
Hipp Kft.
Söke Hungária Kft.
Ecolochem Kft.
Epcos Kft.
Kuhmichel Abrasiv Gmbh.
Kuhmichel Recycling Gmbh.
Spontex S.A.S.
Spontex Italia s.p.a.
HO-RA Kft.
Uti Kft.
Inicia Zrt.

6. Why do you choose us?
We are reliable, precise, fast and available 24/7.

7.How can you find us?
Barbara Milus 00 36 20 2549838
Zsuzsanna Horváth 00 36 20 3856077
Veronika Lukács 00 36 20 3855913
Gyöngyi Flaskárné Simon 00 36 20 5937812